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Trial Flying lessons

Advantages of training on a motorglider

We recommend that you do your basic training for your Private Pilot Licence PPL(A) on our Touring Motorglider D-KIAH.  There are a number of very good reasons for this;
1)  You get the same PPL(A), training on the motorglider as you do training on the Tampico TB9.  Only difference is the Class rating issued initially with the licence.
2)  Better basic training.  The motorglider requires a higher standard of piloting skills than SEP (Single engine piston).  This will stand to you throughout your future flying whether recreational or professional.
3)  Lower cost.  The efficient high aspect ratio wing (similar to that of a passenger jet) means a lower fuel cost.  Note that the SF25C still cruises at 80kt for cross country flying (TB9 Tampico is just 90kt).
4)  More fun.  The efficient wing gives the TMG a low sink rate (280 fpm) and excellent glide ratio (1:23) compared to SEP.  This allows us to explore some soaring during training.  We also charge a lower rate when the engine is turned off in flight!
5)  Two Class ratings for the price of one!  We fly a minimum of 5 hrs on SEP during the TMG course (instrument appreciation) and this means that you have the opportunity to add the SEP Class rating at minimum additional cost.  It is far easier to convert from TMG to SEP than the other way around.
6)  Hours flown on TMG count towards the experience requirements for maintaining an SEP Class rating and vice versa.
30 hrs dual on TMG             30 x 150 = 4500
5 hrs dual on SEP                     5 x 190 = 950
10 hrs solo on TMG             10 x 135 = 1350
Hire of TMG for test                2 x 110 = 220
Membership of the Club                         300
Technical Knowledge instruction         400
SUB TOTAL                                           7720
IAA Student pilot licence                         75
IAA English language proficency           40
IAA Technical knowledge exams          140
IAA  Flight test                                        430 
IAA  Issue of PPL(A)                              208
Aviation medical certificate                    180
Text books and equipment                     100
SUB TOTAL                                            1173
Note these estimated costs assume that you complete your training in the minimum hours required.

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