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There is a new editor if you are creating a post for the site that makes it easier to add photos and a few other things. As pilots often have photos I have upgraded to the new editor. Basically you click the add photo icon in the middle of the toolbar that appears when you create or edit a post. It then allows you to add a photo from your computer or from the web. You can add another as soon as you have selected the first, you don't have to wait too long provided your photos are not too big. Click OK to add whatever photo you have selected and click the toolbar photo icon again to add any others you have uploaded.
The clever bit is that the photo appears not at the top of the post (like the old editor forced it to do) but at the point you have reached in typing your article like a regular word processor. You also get options for placing it left, centre, or to the right in the article as well as options to make it large, medium or small. Small means you could place about 20 photos without making people scroll too far. Readers can (I think) enlarge the photos when reading if they choose as well. 
For those who want all the finer detail of the new editor here is the full article:

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