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Trial Flying lessons

Learning to Fly

Ever thought of getting behind the controls of a light aeroplane? Well now is your chance.  Just €65 gets you into the air with a qualified flying instructor for a trial flying lesson.

The Recreational Flying Club operates from ILAS field in Co Wexford and does exactly what it says on the tin! We provide training and facilities for club members to enjoy recreational flying. Although the pilot licence that you can obtain with us is limited to private use, it is often the 1st step towards a professional licence and a career in aviation. Please feel free to give us a ring and take that first step towards enjoying the freedom of the skies.

Why Learn to Fly ?

In a sometimes stressful and pressurised life, we all need recreation. Time out to recharge the batteries. Well flying can do that. Once you sit into the pilot’s seat, you have to focus on the ‘business at hand’ and leave your day to day worries behind. The freedom of the sky becomes yours.

Flying light aircraft is challenging, rewarding, exciting and no two flights are ever the same.

Whether it’s cross country navigation, putting the aeroplane through a series of aerobatic manoeuvres, soaring in rising air currents, building your own machine or restoring vintage aeroplane, it’s a wonderful sport that can last a lifetime.

What’s Involved?

You will be taken through 19 flight training exercise spread over a minimum of 45 hours flying. Ground training covering topics such as navigation, meteorology and aircraft technical knowledge is covered with a mix of classroom and home study. We find that everyone has some knowledge or experience relevant to the syllabus and in any event, you are not studying for a degree! We hope to make it an enjoyable learning experience and who knows, you might have a laugh along the way.

So why not give it a go and take to the air!
Ring: 087-1255241 or 086-3524305 to book an introductory flight

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