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Tips when adding something to the club website

Read below first before typing your own article.

Add a LABEL by clicking SHOW ALL below the editor on the CREATE POST tab in Blogger to define what page to publish to once you are finished typing.

To make an important post appear temporarily or permanently at the top of a page you PUBLISH POST initially with today's date then go back and EDIT POST, click POST OPTIONS and change to an approriate future date. When this date is reached newer posts will appear ahead of it. Try to use this feature sparingly and only future-date for as long as you feel necessary.

ADD IMAGES/VIDEOS FIRST if you are adding more than one and type text around them afterwards because adding photos/videos after text, although possible, will make you tear your hair out with dragging into position. The first photo added appears last so it is simplest to add photos in the reverse order you want them displayed.

You can add material directly from your email once you set up your secret posting email on the EMAIL tab. The subject of your email will automatically become the title of the article and attached images will be added at the top.

Advanced Users Only: You can put HTML into an article. HTML added by you and automatic HTML created by typing in COMPOSE mode can be seen by clicking EDIT HTML and adding where appropriate. Javascript can not be added in a post but if you would like to add Javascript this can be done by the webmaster. Contact him by clicking on the email link at the bottom of every page.


  1. How do I get an article on this site? Anthony

  2. Hi Anthony,

    I have sent you an email to the onestop email to allow you access. Sorry about delay.


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