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100 Challenges in Light Aircraft Flying

Right here is a list of 100 challenges to try that I made up (originally for Flying In Ireland Forum) some challenging, some just for fun, many that are both. Quite a few you will have acheived before getting your PPL. Make your own list or use mine but either way there is a lot you can do even here in Ireland with just your PPL.

10 Milestones

1. Fly Solo
2. Pass Ground school exams
3. Fly Solo X-Country
4. Get your wings
5. Fly 10 different types
6. Get to 100 hours (group flying insurance milestone?)
7. Get a rating
8. Island-Hop
9. Build, Buy or Co-own your own aircraft
10. Fly on the anniversary of your first solo for nostalgic blast

10 People Challenges

11. Take a family member flying
12. Take a complete stranger flying
13. Take three people flying together
14. Take a person who has never flown before
15. Take a skeptic flying
16. Take an in-law flying
17. Take an anorak flying
18. Take a work colleague flying
19. Take a friend (not another pilot) flying
20. Fly with a professional pilot (not your instructor)

10 Club Challenges

21. Help organise a fly-in
22. Help organise a fly-out
23. Help fundraise for the club (if necessary)
24. Congratulate a club member on getting their PPL
25. Attend a club social event
26. Go on a weekend flying with other club PPLs
27. Ferry a club aircraft for maintenance / refuelling etc.
28. Clean the club aircraft
29. Become a member of your club’s committee or equivalent
30. Visit a service such as ATC or MET Shannon with club members

10 Aircraft Challenges

31. Fly a taildragger – difference training
32. Fly a seaplane / floatplane
33. Fly a TMG / SLMG
34. Fly a glider
35. Fly a twin
36. Fly a complex single
37. Fly a classic aircraft
38. Fly an aerobatic aircraft
39. Fly a single-seater
40. Fly in a glass cockpit

10 Landings

41. Land at an uncontrolled aerodrome
42. Land at a controlled aerodrome
43. Land on grass
44. Land on hard surfaced runway
45. Land at a licensed aerodrome
46. Land at an unlicensed aerodrome
47. Land on water
48. Land a ‘greaser’
49. Land a taildragger on three wheels all at once
50. Land from a glide approach

10 Trip Challenges

51. Fly in another country
52. Fly to another country
53. Fly over the sea
54. Fly to an island
55. Fly to a fly-in
56. Fly to a spot-landing event
57. Drop a flour bomb on a target (if still allowed/done)
58. Fly in a restricted/danger area
59. Fly to a public airport
60. Fly along a spectacular coastline e.g. Cliffs

10 Manoeuvre Challenges
61. Stall an aircraft
62. Achieve slow-flight
63. Do a steep turn
64. Sideslip a plane
65. Fly through your own turbulence
66. Fly in formation
67. Fly a circuit with at least three other aircraft in the pattern
68. Fly a rate one turn
69. Fly an aerobatic manoeuvre other than stall, steep turn or sideslip e.g. chandelle / lazy-eight
70. Fly an S-turn

10 GA Promotion Challenges

71. Take someone to an airshow
72. Write up an air experience for a magazine / newspaper article
73. Get local media to cover an event in your club
74. Put up photos of flying on a website
75. Take part / organise a Young Eagles day
76. Show Top Gun to someone who hasn’t seen it!
77. Take a video of flying and post on the net
78. Show Lift to a child by blowing over the top of a sheet of paper
79. Wax lyrical amongst work colleagues about going flying
80. Tell a non-pilot about Oshkosh/Tannkosh

10 Safety Challenges

81. Read the GASIL safety series
82. Read a flying magazine
83. Do a farm strip flying course
84. Read an authoritative book on flying safety
85. Attend a club refresher or safety seminar
86. Practice EFATO and PFL drills regularly
87. Get in a FNPTII simulator for some emergency training
88. Give feedback to EASA/IAA on aspects of their safety regulation
89. Appoint/Become a club safety officer
90. Fly with an instructor at the start of a season

10 Trickier Challenges

91. Land at all licensed civil aerodromes on the island of Ireland
92. Land in the most north/south/western and eastern licensed aerodromes VFR in one day
93. Fly at night
94. Fly upside-down (in an approved aircraft please!)
95. Fly an ex-military type e.g. Chipmunk
96. Fly a helicopter or gyroplane
97. Land on a slope greater than 1:20 or an altiport
98. Land in 2 international countries (not Ireland) in one day
99. Take your partner flying
100. Convince your partner you are not wasting too much money nor talking too much about your hobby

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